Prerides for Ontario Cup #6!

We’re super stoked to be hosting the O-cup again this year!

For preriding, opportunities abound:

Thursday July 31, 7pm (Weekly series – $10, citizen permit required)
Saturday, Aug 2nd, 9am-5pm. Ocup preride fee of $10
Thursday, Aug 7th, 7pm – weekly series previewing the 9 hour relay course (very similar loop to the 10am ocup course)
Saturday, Aug 9th – 9 Hour relay – similar course to the Ocup – Solo, Tag team, 3-4 Person, 5-10 person categories. Register here
Thursday, Aug 14th, 7pm – weekly series previewing the ocup courses.

Mountainview Cycling Club – Time to Ride

Group Rides have begun!

Monday nights: Mountainview – 5:30-6:30 (Time subject to change) – These rides will be a clinic of some form, formal or informal. The stronger riders will disperse themselves amongst smaller groups of beginner or intermediate riders, and either do focused drills, or just ride and give on-trail advice. As such, these rides are for all ages and abilities, and all riders are *encouraged* to come and ride in a group, to learn or to help out!

Tuesday nights: 5:30-7:30 (Approx) – The venue is going to change – Mountainview one week, Copeland the next, and a fun new place each 3rd week. Check the calendar for details…print it out so you don’t forget! This ride is for intermediate/expert riders.

Wednesday nights – Road Rides: Meet at Baseline road and Angela Schmidt Foster Rd (drive in road) at 7pm. This means everyone has had a bit of a warmup getting there. We will ride a continuous paceline format, but at a fairly easy pace (30-32 k/hr) for the first couple of weeks – while everyone learns the rotation.

Devinci Demo Day May 10

Hi Everyone,

The MCC is hosting a Devinci demo day during our Tuesday night group ride at Copeland Forest, at 6pm. Come check out the latest and greatest rides that Devinci has to offer. These rigs are sold at Total Sports, so its a great chance to check out the product line before spending the cash! You must be an MCC member to participate in the ride.


The road race events this series are open to and can be enjoyed by all, because they are ability-handicapped – usually in a way that ensures that elite riders never win. The format is technically called an Australian Pursuit – (no, not Aussie Rules) – and is designed to bring out the best in all of us, in terms of both collaboration and deviousness. There will be 4 to 5 groups that will start at intervals. Typically there are 40 to 60 riders at each event. The fastest riders start in the last group, and must catch and pass all to be successful. The initial intent is that the strong riders are more tired by the time they catch up to the next groups, and the level of competition is equalized. Race distances vary from 60 to 80 km.

There are no race prizes, however points are accumulated for the entire series, and prizes are awarded at the last race for the top 15-20 riders. The interclub series for 2010 will be sponsored by the Barrie Cycling Club, Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club and Mountainview Cycling Club.

First Interclub – Sunday May 2, at Oro

Start Time: 10 am

Cost: $5 per race plus appropriate club membership. For Mountainview riders this requires club membership PLUS either a Citizen Permit or UCI License. Citizen permits can be purchased through the club at this weeks club ride on Monday (Copeland) or Tuesday (Mountainview), or at the Thursday night race at Mountainview.

Location: Park at the Oro Fairgrounds. Travel south on Hwy 93 to Old Barrie Road (at Dalston). Turn Left and take Old Barrie Road to Line 7 (about 2k after passing Hardwood Hills).Turn right on Line 7, and take it to Oro Fairgrounds (at the intersection of 15/16 Line). Try to register before 9:30 so the groups can be organized.

Course: will travel west on 15/16, then north on Line 4, then East on Old Barrie Road, then South on Line 7 to finish at the fairgrounds. The race will run 4 or 5 laps.

Interclub Schedule

Sunday May 2 Oro Short

Saturday June 12 Lafontaine (our race to organize)

Sunday June 27 Beeton

Sunday July 18 Moonstone / Vasey (our race to organize)

Sunday August 15 Epping

Sunday September 19 Hardwood Hills

Brien Ross

OCup #1 Mansfield – Mountainview Cycling Club race info

Hi gang – This weekend kicks off our first Ontario Cup Race of the year at Mansfield.

Thomas has been able to secure a spot for a team tent this year in the sponsor area. The trailer & tents will be in the sponsor area for race day as well as for pre-riding. We won’t be able to park our cars there however we will be close to the start / podium area. This puts Mountainview right in the middle of the action.

Team pre-riding will be on every Saturday before the race at 10:30am. It would be great to see as many team riders as possible for the pre-ride as we can help one another. The trailer and tent will arrive at 10am so let’s have everyone ready to ride by 10:30am.

If you have any questions, please email me or call me on my cell 705-527-7109.

Happy Racing –

Your race day co-ordinator,

Mark Matthews

Group Rides and Big Bike


Good news! Mountainview is ready for riding so we are going to start group rides there this Tuesday (April 13th). The rides will start at 5:30pm so meet in the parking lot and groups will be determined based on who is there.

Please remember that our insurance coverage starts at 5:30pm so you shouldn’t be riding there before then (or on other days for that matter). I realize that you may feel this is somewhat inconvenient, but we have to respect the wishes of the land owners. Please follow the rules so we can continue riding there.

We still have some spots available on the Big Bike for Heart and Stroke. It is going to be a lot of fun and for a good cause so sign up at:

Thanks to those who have already signed up. We will be stopping by your houses sometime this week (or give it to you on Tuesday if you’re there) to drop off some stuff for the event.

Thanks, MCC