Prerides for Ontario Cup #6!

We’re super stoked to be hosting the O-cup again this year!

For preriding, opportunities abound:

Thursday July 31, 7pm (Weekly series – $10, citizen permit required)
Saturday, Aug 2nd, 9am-5pm. Ocup preride fee of $10
Thursday, Aug 7th, 7pm – weekly series previewing the 9 hour relay course (very similar loop to the 10am ocup course)
Saturday, Aug 9th – 9 Hour relay – similar course to the Ocup – Solo, Tag team, 3-4 Person, 5-10 person categories. Register here
Thursday, Aug 14th, 7pm – weekly series previewing the ocup courses.

Race series to start May 15th!

Okay, its about time! The trails have finally melted off, and have mostly been cleared and are drying nicely. After some finishing touches and marking the course, we’ll be set to race next week!
Remember, registration opens at 6, and races start at 7! For more details navigate the pages above, but otherwise see you on the 15th!

Mountainview 9 Hour Registration Now Open

Its that time of year again!

The Mountainview 9 Hour relay will be back on August 18th, 2012 with everything you’ve come to expect: tonnes of singletrack (including a brand new downhill!), a great atmosphere, music, bbq, and fun bonus events including the fan favourite pie eating contest!

Also, Total Sports has come up huge again this year with $1000 in cash, plus draw prizes on top of that!

So, clear your calendar, grab your friends, and come race bikes!

Registration is now open!

MRD Thursday Night Series Begins!

This Thursday is the first race for the Thursday night series! Come out and blow the dust off your racing legs, its time to have some fun! 3 courses to choose from, and the same great atmosphere as you’ve come to love…sponsored by Total Sports the Bike Shop.

Remember, you don’t need to be a club member to participate in these races!

Thursday Night Series – Finale Next Week, Sept 1

The sun is setting sooner, the days are getting cooler, and those who participate in public education must return to school soon. These clues would suggest that summer is ending, but a perhaps more definitive clue is that next week is the *finale* of the 2011 edition of the Mountainview Thursdsay Night Race Series is next Thursday, September 1st.

Come out to enjoy the last race of the season, and stick around for post race BBQ and end of year awards,  as well as to see some photography from throughout the year.  The BBQ will cost only a few dollars, bring your friends and family to enjoy some BBQ and to revel in your glory while you receive your awards!

9 Hour Results Posted

Thanks to everyone who came out to make the 7th Mountainview 9 Hour Relay a roaring success! Despite a thunderstorm-induced course-closure, the race was able to continue after 90 minutes (time well spent drying off and pie eating), and the course firmed up beautifully for the rest of the day. Thanks again to our sponsors, Total Sports and Joyride 150, and congratulations to all of the winners.

Results are posted, follow the links above. Bonus event results and lap times are posted as well.

June 23rd – Classic/Beater Bike Night

Hey Everyone,

Thursday, June 23rd will be beater bike night at the Thursday series. Thumb shifters, v-brakes, and 7-speed drive trains will take to the trails, to see how much it really is about the rider, not about the bike! Bring out your vintage/beater bike to earn 20 bonus points in the standings, and earn some cred amongst your fellow riders!

Clipless pedals are allowed. Because I said so. “Vintage” counts as anything before the year 1998 (The year I started bike racing). “Beater” counts as anything myself and an impartial panel consider to be a beater.

+1000 points for anyone who races on a Penny Farthing.

Norco Demo Day June 2nd

Hi Everyone,

With thanks to Mark at Total Sports, we have a Norco demo day at the Thursday Night Series on June 2nd. Come out and try out the latest Norco xc bike offerings. These aren’t just parking lot demos either, we are welcome to race on them, to really put them through their paces!