MCC Mountain Bike Ride Guidelines

Last update March 2024


What you must have to ride

MCC Membership and Ontario Cycling (OC) membership

Mountain bike, bike must be in good repair

Helmets are mandatory, cycling gloves and riding glasses suggested

Water and food sufficient for the ride

Cell Phone recommended and ID

Clothing appropriate for the weather

Materials and capability to repair flats or make minor repairs (recommended)

No rider shall be permitted to participate in any club ride / activities while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

What you need to know

Basic riding skills and the ability to ride for more than an hours averaging up to 10 kph on trail rides

Familiarity with MCC Ride Guidelines and Risk Management Plan (documented on MCC website)

Ride Leader Responsibilities:

Carry First Aid kit

Record attendance.

All club rides / activities shall be under the control of a Ride Leader(s).

Ride Leaders shall be a member who is an experienced rider and is familiar with the area in which the club ride / activities are being held.

Ride Leaders shall be nominated by the club members.

At the beginning of any club ride / activity, a Ride Leader shall define a route and estimated time for the ride / activity.

There should be one Ride Leader designated for every six (6) participants on the ride.

Ride Leaders will, to the best of their knowledge, inform all riders in the group of any hazards that may occur during the ride. i.e. steep down hills, loose ground, wet conditions, road crossings or train crossings.

Ride Leaders will, to the best of their knowledge, ensure that all participants skill levels are appropriate for the ride, and that their equipment (bicycle, helmet, etc.) is in good working order.

It is the responsibility of the Ride Leader(s) to keep the group together. The Club Leader may split the group into two if necessary and a second club leader will then be needed. i.e. a fast group and a slower group.

Ride Leaders will carry cell phones for emergency use during club activities and will encourage riders to bring their own cell phones. 

Riders should call 911 in the event of an emergency. 

 All club rides / activities are meant to be fun and safe for everyone. It is the responsibility of all participants to ensure this happens – i.e. ensure that the next participant in line follows the correct trail, calls back to the next rider of hazards (e.g. low hanging branches), etc. It also means that all rides are “no-drop” rides, nobody will be left without a Ride Leader.

All accidents are to be documented and recorded. If there is personal injury or property damage, the OC accident report must be completed and the OC notified immediately.

Any participant should immediately advise the Ride Leader(s) and other members of the ride should the member feel the group or individuals in the group are riding in an unsafe manner. Any participant should withdraw from the ride if they feel unsafe. It will be the responsibility of the Ride Leader to ensure that that participant withdrawing returns safely to the ride start point.

Ride cancellations may occur due to

Rain at the ride start time

Forecast of 70% POP or more rain or lightning at the time of the ride

Winds of 50 kph or more the time of the ride

No appropriate Ride Leader available

Monday night club rides will originate in the Mountainview parking lot at 9266 County road 93, Midland. Tuesday night rides will originate in the parking lot at 1201-1203 Ingram RD, Tay Township, with rides beginning promptly at 5:30 through the summer from  May to September.  Please try to arrive a few minutes early.

Riders and rides can be divided into groups based on speed and distance, most of the time only one group is formed

Every riding group must have at least one MCC Ride Leader who knows the route, has a cell phone and is responsible for ensuring the ride follows MCC ride policies and guidelines.

Riding with MCC for the first time

We try to get riders of similar ability and needs in the same ride group.  

If you have a friend who rides with the club and who knows your general riding ability, ask them for advice.

When you get to the ride meeting point, ask a Ride Leader for help.  Based on a brief discussion, they can probably point you to the best group.

If in doubt, go with a slower group the first time out.  Your Ride Leader can give you feedback on whether to select a different group the next time.

And most of all, don’t worry.  We have all been through this and it will all work out!

Keep Safe, have fun and thanks for riding with the Mountainview Cycling Club