Group Rides and Big Bike


Good news! Mountainview is ready for riding so we are going to start group rides there this Tuesday (April 13th). The rides will start at 5:30pm so meet in the parking lot and groups will be determined based on who is there.

Please remember that our insurance coverage starts at 5:30pm so you shouldn’t be riding there before then (or on other days for that matter). I realize that you may feel this is somewhat inconvenient, but we have to respect the wishes of the land owners. Please follow the rules so we can continue riding there.

We still have some spots available on the Big Bike for Heart and Stroke. It is going to be a lot of fun and for a good cause so sign up at:

Thanks to those who have already signed up. We will be stopping by your houses sometime this week (or give it to you on Tuesday if you’re there) to drop off some stuff for the event.

Thanks, MCC

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