Weekend Biking Roundup!

Hello Everyone, I hope you are taking advantage of this great weather to get out and RIDE! Its a beautiful start to the spring, and a great chance to get an early start on the spring training.


Now that most of the snow/ice is gone from the woods, we would like to get in and start cleaning up the trails in preparation for riding at Mountainview. Please note this does not mean the trails are not ready for riding, it is still very soft and wet in the woods, last time we checked. However, getting some raking in this weekend will help dry it out sooner, and allow us to assess when we can begin our group rides at Mountainview.

We are planning some trail maintenance work for tomorrow, Saturday April 3rd starting at 9:00am at Mountainview parking lot. Any volunteers who would like to come out and help would be appreciated. No experience necessary. If you plan on coming please bring your own rake. Also some drinking water and gloves are a good idea too.


We were in to Copeland Forest and checked out the trails there. A surprising amount of it is dry and ready! With that said, and a long weekend in our favour, we are planning a group ride there on Monday afternoon, 4pm start. Meet in the usual parking lot off the end of the 4th line. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Please note this ride is for experienced riders who know their way around, or have been here with us before. For our new members who are just beginning, we will be sending out more information soon regarding the format of our “learning to ride” program. But for now, get outside, enjoy the weather, and ride safe!