Midland - Horseshoe - Midland Enduro

Saturday, October 9th (Thanksgiving weekend)
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Mountainview is known for our awesome and challenging MTB trails – now come see what we play on in the fall. This event is proposed as more of a challenge then a race. The 100km, well marked course is one that will hold your attention and bring a mix of cycling surfaces from perfectly paved, quiet roads, to a hike a bike involving crossing marsh channels and a
waist deep river – with everything in-between. Most of the climbing will be in the 2nd half of the course, with a total of over 1200m of climbing – most of which is above 10% grade with some hills hitting over 16%.
The race promises 3 things:
1) you will get wet
2) you will get off your bike (more then a few times)
3) $10 to anyone able to climb Moonstone’s 6th line N wall without their granny gear.
This is not a ride to be using your carbon-soled road shoes on. Most likely, a CX bike is the way to go, but having a MTB will come in handy for the gearing and the wider tires. As far as road bikes, well sure, why not. We’ll take your 40 bucks.  Come enjoy the fall colours at this low key event.
  • Please register online ($40) on the OCA web site http://www.ontariocycling.org
  • There will be same day registration starting at 8AM at a cost of $50
Event Schedule:
• Depending on the numbers there will be 2 waves – The 1st wave will leave at
9AM and will be for the people wanting to just complete it. The 2nd wave leaving
at 10AM is for the racers. Likely 4 to 5 hours to finish. Maybe a hot shot could
do it in 3 ½ but I doubt it!
Awards and Post Race BBQ:
Other then bragging rights there will be none. I’m hoping to have some draw prizes to share with everyone but as a first year event do not expect much - Just telling you how it is!  Hopefully, competitors will be going for the challenge and not the hardware.
After race food: Burgers on the grill and some drinks on ice.
Course Map: Click Here!
Water/Infinit Nutrition stations will be located at 30km and 60km.
Please note: this is a tour, not a race. The roads will not be closed and riders must obey all traffic laws.
Contact Info:
For questions, email tim_bourrie@hotmail.com
Sanctioned by the Ontario Cycling Association